úterý 8. února 2011

memeReactor goes to Android Market

After two months of testing, evaluating, breaking and fixing we've decided to finally upload memeReactor to the Android Market.

We are going to push one more update via our custom memeReactor mechanism on the 9th of February and later that day we will upload memeReactor to the market (yay!).

The changes we've made:

  • we've polished our original beta-punk design, crazy factory is still in place, but the app looks a lot more ... professional
  • we've abandoned Android versions lower than 2.0 - our apologies to all those of you who still proudly use their G1s, HTC Heros, HTC Magics and other great devices from the pioneer age, memeReactor will not run on these phones :-/
  • we've also improved the design of our web interface to something we can actually show to someone
Thank you all for your participation in beta testing memeReactor! We still owe you some t-shirts so expect a little "contest" in the next few days.


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