pátek 10. prosince 2010

memeReactor - roadmap

Let's look at what we're going to implement next:


This is a sensitive topic. Comments are generally a source of huge amount of garbage. As we see it, comments in memeReactor should prove themselves good enough to be noticed and should go through the same evaluation process as memes do. Notification about these "comment-memes" will preferably be sent to the author of the original idea and people who were involved in its evaluation.

Android App should display these comments close to the original meme in some nice and synoptical way - sure thing.

Language detection

Many of you were asking about different languages in memeReactor. This is how it's going to be: During registration, users get to choose what language they speak - but in most cases we will guess it correctly from their smartphone settings. memeReactor will detect the language of every idea, and will send it only to the users who speaks the same language. Also the list of "recently exploded" memes will reflect your language preference.

Topics, categories

This one will be more difficult, but there are ways to recognize topic of each post. The notification mechanism will take into consideration your interests and only send stuff that matters to you. "Recently exploded" memes will reflect your preferences - so each user will see a different list of exploded memes. For now, if you want to help us out, use Twitter-style hashtags in your posts.

Twitter integration

Very soon @memereactor will post every exploded meme to its Twitter account. Any of your tweets, marked with #mr hashtag, will automatically be sent to the reactor - no need to write the same thing more than once, right?


memeReactor is not a toy people! With every post you are asking a community of users to think about what you've said. Later, when there is more of us, some of the users will just post anything. If a user submits too many uninteresting posts, his access to the reactor will be limited - initially let's say one post per day or so.

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